class 9th math 2.2 solution

Question#1: Identify the property used in the following. \[\begin{align}   \left( \text{i} \right)\qquad&a+b=b+a\qquad &&\text{Commutative Property w}\text{.r}\text{.t}\text{. addition } \\  \left( \text{ii} \right) \qquad &\left( ab \right)c=a\left( bc \right) \qquad &&\text{Associatve Property w}\text{.r}\text{.t}\text{. multiplication} \\  \left( \text{iii} \right) \qquad &7\times 1=7\qquad &&\text{Multiplicative Identity} \\  \left( \text{iv} \right) \qquad &x>y\text{ or }x=y\text{ or }x<y\qquad &&\text{Trichotomy Property} \\  \left( \text{v} \right) \qquad &ab=ba\qquad … Read more

class 9th math 2.3 solution

Question#1: Write each radical expression in exponential notation and each exponential expression in radical notation. Do not simplify. \[\begin{align} (\text{i})\qquad&\sqrt[3]{-64} \\ & ={{\left( -64 \right)}^{\frac{1}{3}}} \\  (\text{ii})\qquad&{{2}^{3/5}} \\ & =\sqrt[5]{{{2}^{3}}} \\  (\text{iii})\qquad&-{{7}^{1/3}} \\ & =\sqrt[3]{-7} \\  (\text{iv})\qquad&{{y}^{-2/3}} \\ & =\sqrt[3]{{{y}^{-2}}} \\\end{align}\] Question#2: Tell whether the following statements are true or false? \[\begin{align}   \left( \text{i} \right) \qquad & {{5}^{1/5}}=\sqrt{5}\qquad & \textbf{False} \\  \left( \text{ii} \right)\qquad … Read more

class 9th math 2.6 solution

Question#01: Identify the following statement as true or false. \[\begin{align} \left( \text{i} \right) \qquad&\sqrt{-3}\sqrt{-3}=3\quad\textbf{False} \\  \left( \text{ii} \right) \qquad&{{i}^{73}}=-i\quad \textbf{False} \\  \left( \text{iii} \right) \qquad&{{i}^{10}}=-1\quad \textbf{True} \\  \left( \text{iv} \right) \qquad&\text{Complex}\,\text{conjugate}\,\text{of}\,\left( -6i+{{i}^{2}} \right)\text{ is }\left( -1+6i \right) \quad \textbf{True} \\  \left( \text{v} \right) \qquad&\text{Difference of a complex number }z=a+bi\text{ and its conjugate}\\& \text{is a real number.}\quad … Read more